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  • Making back up copy of your documents instantly.
  • Saving your passport, deeds, wills, resume, software, trademarks, logos, intellectual properties in a an internet file accessible to you any where, any time.
  • Registering your valuable paper assets, graphs and pictures with a time recorded stamped seal in a universal registry book.
  • Developing a protected organized file for your growing numerous papers.
  • Providing a free legally accepted document protection. The Inventor Notebook accessible to you 24 hours a day.
  • Providing free Inventor, Trademark and Logo sites.
  • Recording your ideas as you develop them gradually with passing time.
  • Preparing your resume, curriculum vita, biography and credit reports Internet electronic files.
  • Transferring your electronic files confidentially and/or publicly.
  • Sharing your password or confidential files with any body you wish.
  • Giving you a powerful leverage to claim your intelligent property rights.
  • Universal public notorization of your electronic files.